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Artisan Backed By Y Combinator

AI Employees Called Artisans And World-Class Software

Artisans work alongside your human team in our highly functional platform that contains every tool needed to complete their role, starting with sales. 

Meet The First Artisan Ava, The AI BDR

Ava is the most feature-rich AI BDR. She supercharges the productivity of human BDR teams.

Play Video about Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan Video

Artisans Are The First Generation Of AI Employees


End-To-End Workflow Automation

Artisans don't just automate simple, repetitive tasks - they automate & act as co-pilots for job functions from end to end.

Artisan Workforce

Make Human Workers 10x More Productive

Artisans guide your human team members through their job workflows, making them significantly more productive.


Onboarded In Under 10 Minutes

You onboard your Artisan with a 10-minute back & forth conversation, with no technical or domain-specific skills required.

We're Creating A Consolidated GTM Platform With Digital Labor Ingrained

Let’s face it: there are way too many SaaS platforms. At Artisan, we think it’s time for change.

Starting with outbound sales and rapidly expanding across the GTM stack, we’re on a mission to be the only software subscription you need. 

Ava the first AI BDR


Join the waitlist for the Artisan you’d like us to create next, and we’ll notify you when they’re ready to hire.

Ava, The Sales Rep

Supercharge your outbound sales, at scale

  • Discovers leads with 250 million contacts & 65 data points
  • Writes & sends bespoke email sequences to 1000s of prospects
  • Replies to prospects’ questions
  • Books meetings into SDRs’ calendars

Liam, The Marketer

Supercharge Your Growth Without Huge Overheads

  • Creates & executes multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Learns from your team & builds a world model of your company
  • Uses advanced data analytics to optimize for ROI
James, The CS Rep Artisan

James, The CS Rep

Support Your Customers With Unparalleled Product Knowledge

  • Integrates with your existing CS stack
  • Analyzes all past CS cases to improve response reliability
  • Optimizes for positive sentiment responses
Ava, the AI BDR, and the other Artisans

Artisans Work Alongside Your Human Team In Symbiosis

The future of work is humans & AI employees working together in symbiosis. That’s why we’re creating world-class software that both your human team and Artisans can use to get work done efficiently. 

  • We’re creating best-in-class features to consolidate your fragmented software stack
  • You don’t have to integrate your Artisan with any other platforms, everything you need is built in

Just Chat - Artisans Can Use All Platform Features

Chat with your Artisan via our web chat or Slack app. You can ask them to do tasks, change settings, do research, or just seek some advice.

They’ll even send you unprompted updates & suggestions.

Chat With Ava
Ava Evolves

Artisans Self-Improve Every Single Day

Through the messages you send to your Artisan, your Artisan’s independent research, the data we collect during your interaction with the dashboard, and new features we introduce, your Artisan is constantly improving.

Ready To Supercharge Your Team's Productivity With An Artisan?

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