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We’re Building World-Class SaaS, And Digital Workers Called Artisans

Artisans are here to democratize access to skilled labor, and supercharge global productivity.

Ava, The Sales Rep

Supercharge your outbound sales, at scale

  • Discovers leads with 250 million contacts & 65 data points
  • Writes & sends bespoke email sequences to 1000s of prospects
  • Replies to prospects’ questions
  • Books meetings into SDRs’ calendars

Liam, The Marketer

Supercharge Your Growth Without Huge Overheads

  • Creates & executes multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Learns from your team & builds a world model of your company
  • Uses advanced data analytics to optimize for ROI
James, The CS Rep Artisan

James, The CS Rep

Support Your Customers With Unparalleled Product Knowledge

  • Integrates with your existing CS stack
  • Analyzes all past CS cases to improve response reliability
  • Optimizes for positive sentiment responses

Emma, The Recruiter

Put Your Hiring Process On Autopilot

  • Headhunts candidates according to criteria you give her
  • Centralizes, reviews, ranks and schedules meetings with applicants
  • Follows up with references & runs background checks

Noah, The Designer

Level Up With Striking Digital & Print Designs

  • Creates editable graphics for use in digital & print
  • Edits any assets given to him, as per your instructions
  • Designs assets including brochures, presentations & more

Olivia, The Financier

Keep your finances in check with olivia

  • Records & maintains transactions, seeking clarification when needed
  • Continuously analyzes your company’s financial health, providing actionable insights
  • Defines & tracks budgets

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